I have been told by various health professionals that my condition – Cerebellar Ataxia – is incurable. I have read that it is degenerative and I may require a wheelchair or some other assistive device down the road.

There’s something inside me that refuses to believe all this. These things may be true. They may also not be true. They are opinions in my estimation. Opinions are not facts.

As far as I know, nobody can tell the future.  I have big goals. I know that in order for me to achieve the results I want, I have to change the way I think, feel and behave.



Can’t Is An Opinion

Here are some questions that I consider:

  • If something has never been done before, why does that mean it can’t be done?
  • I consider that someone will tell me what they think based on their knowledge and experience. What if something is out of their range of knowledge an experience? Would that change their opinion?
  • If someone has been educated to believe that something is impossible, what is the likelihood that they will share the same opinion with me?

Historical Facts

If I look back at history, it is just more proof to me that I can do the impossible if my heart and mind are focused. History is filled with examples of people doing what the were told they couldn’t. And it always kicks open the door for others. Here are just a few examples:

  • In 1954 Roger Bannister completes the “impossible” and runs a mile in under 4 minutes. Since then, many have done the same and better.
  • The light bulbs we take for granted now were considered an impossibility just over a century ago.
  • At a certain point in history, you’d be considered crazy for suggesting the Earth revolved around the Sun. Nowadays, you’d be crazy not to.
  • It wasn’t until 1869 that Giant Pandas were considered real.

These lead me to wonder if anything is impossible.

Forward Momentum

I know I must educate myself and keep pushing ahead. When I was a kid, I learned to talk through trial and error. Now, I pretty much take it for granted as a thing I can do. Furthermore, I need to set some goals, make a plan, and then run my own race.


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